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Forest Gate voices

Listen to these great stories about Forest Gate, by people who love the place. Brought to you by East London film-makers Dekko Productions, the stories offer affectionate insights into the local area.

The project was called 'Your Place or Mine' and you can listen to what they said by visiting their website.


On these pages (links in the left side column) you can find information about some of the features of the local area: the market, the festival, the Forest Gate Women's Institute, etc. There is also a page given to the painting of Balmoral Road railway bridge, where local people, especially youngsters, had the chance to express their own ideas and perceptions on a handy stretch of local public space. Most of the material relates to Forest Gate, but 'Woodgrange' really extends well beyond this, and this website should be of interest to a much wider user-group interested in the neighbourhood. A good example of this is the page given to the opening of the Manor Park Community Garden, a great local initiative.

A good way to find out about an area is to listen to what people say about it. Working with Dekko Productions, Newham New Deal Partnership (Newham NDP) have establish a major project called "It's a Newham Thing" where people give their views and feelings about the area, focusing on features they find especially interesting and distinctive. These stories offer a unique insight into the diversity and history of the area. It is, as the organisers say, an 'evolving piece of work', and the plan is to capture more and more of these stories to show its changing face.

The project grew from an earlier venture called 'Your Place or Mine' which was mainly conducted in Forest Gate. For more information about this, see the box above. The larger project covers a wider area of Newham, and is known as "IT'S A NEWHAM THING", an audio-visual project that explores and celebrates locality.


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