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These pages explore some of the features and activities of the local area.

Arts and music page

This includes the longstanding Eastside Jazz Club, Forest Roots acoustic country music club, Forest Gap live electric music, the exhuberant What's Cookin'. There is also the recently opened Gigglegate Comedy Club, which hosts top stand-up comedians at a local venue and a good price. A little further away, the WEA sponsors a monthly film club showing niche films in a friendly atmosphere. There is also a good range of singers and players including All Saints Chorus (backed by Newham Orchestra and some fine professional opera singers), Aldersbrook Community Choir and the excellent amateur dramatics club, Woodhouse Players, who mount regular preformances. There is much else of course; these are just examples that have been specifically drawn to the Woodgrange Web.

Epping Forest page

Woodgrange benefits from its vicinity to London to the west, but equally, it has the advantage of fifteen miles of protected commonland and woodland to the north-east. Epping Forest is a huge local asset, fiercely protected by local people along its length and breadth. Groups and individuals have set up and maintain high-quality websites to inform people and encourage use. These include Friends of Epping Forest, and the more local WREN Wildlife and Conservation Group, as well as specialist sites such as Wanstead Wildlife and Wanstead Birding.

Walks page

A great way to enjoy Epping Forest is take up the opportunities it offers for walking and regular exercise. The Centenary Epping Forest Walk, designed to celebrate one hundred years of Royal Protection of the Forest (in 1978), is, at fifteen-plus miles, a good day's outing. But there are many shorter walks to be followed, and some of these are explored here. Beyond that, London itself is great to explore on foot. Two now classic walks are the Capital Ring and the London Loop, but other can be found at the Walking London website and the a range of books, such as Secret London. More on the Woodghrange Walking page.

Clapton Football Club page

Newham plays host to premiership team West Ham United and on Wanstead Flats a wide range football tournaments for all ages and abilities. It also provides a home for the oldest team in the league, Clapton Football Club, dating back to 1888. The club has not known real glory days for many years and its fortunes are currently mixed. It remains close to the hearts of many in Forest Gate and continues to play a lively, entertaining and distinctive brand of football. Its closeness to the Old Spotted Dog public house, currently delapidated and neglected, reminds us of the centuries of old history in the local area.

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