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The 2015 Forest Gate Festival was on Saturday 18th July.

The 2014 Forest Gate Festival was on Saturday 21st June.

Forest Gate Festival,
Saturday 6th July 2013

The 2013 FOREST GATE FESTIVAL was once again a great success on a warm sunny day, with a great turnout, huge enjoyment and pleasant relief that summer had arrived at last.

Among the many acts and performances were: Zumba with Olga, the wonderful Godwin Choir, Rag Roof, Alive in the City Raqs Jamila, Constance Irkles, Ecuadorian Dancers, Le Bongo Song, Milky Onions and Rosa and Alex. Street acts included Man in a Box, Alive in the City, Klas, Hackney Singers, Fire Tuba, and with Camilla, Rin Tin Tin and Elvis all above the crowd on their stilts.

Then of course there were all the usuals, including Dr Bike, health MOTs, cake-making, chess, bouncy castle, face painting, cake stalls, badge-making, story-telling and much else.


Photographs of the festivities were taken for the Woodgrange Web and slideshows of images set into five different themes can be viewed by clicking the picture links immediately below or the links shown in the left sidebar.

Additionally, some excellent photographs were taken by local professional photographer Phil Russell and these can be viewed on his Facebook page. More information about Phil and his work can be found on his own WEBSITE.

Click on the thumbnail image on the left to see a full-size poster with an example of his work.

The FOREST GATE SPRING FESTIVAL held in the Forest Gate Youth Zone on SATURDAY 11TH MAY went off successfully, with live music, sports, arts and crafts, competitions and more.

Forest Gate Festival July 2012

Despite direct action by the Osborne Road Rainmaker, this year's Festival was once again a wonderful success. Undeterred by the torrents unleashed in the early morning, stall-holders set up their covers and laid out their wares. Entertainers and attractions shifted smoothly into gear. Their reward was some 'brighter spells' in the afternoon.

The beating drums of the Samba Band reinvigorated the crowd in mid-afternoon, and the queue for the climbing wall never shortened. Relocation of the Woodgrange Market to the Festival for the day brought an extra interest.

The slideshow below provides a small fragment of the full range of the carnival. There were many other great performers and entertainers, including: Sangre Latina - Latin Rap; Kasai Masai - Africa Band; Raqs Jamilla - Eygptian Dance; Forest Gate Schools; Billy, Betsy, Zalika & Chakira - Drums and Vox; Skiffle & The Piffles; Keisha Pryce - Singer; Kinjal & Dija - Dance; Sleep Under - Band, and many others besides.

Forest Gate Festival July 2011

The eleventh Forest Gate Festival, in 2011, was also a great success. The weather held up, despite the damp forecasts, and everyone (well, nearly everyone..) had a wonderful time. It was all good, but somehow particularly impressive was the assured perfomance of the Godwin School Choir. Rock on!!

A collection of photographs was taken and these have been arranged into five galleries of images along different themes: acts, faces, kids, samba and stalls. These can be viewed by clicking the links in the left-hand panel, or the picture links below.

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