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The Painting of Balmoral Bridge

Volunteers get ready for a group photo after their work is complete

Features on the east side of the bridge

Over a beautiful sunny weekend in July, Balmoral Bridge was closed to traffic and people from the neighbourhood were invited to come and show their artistic side. The response was enthusiastic and the completed artwork is a tribute to all the volunteers.

Sponsored by the local council, with help from local artist James Valentine and refreshments from Coffee7 workers, the weekend was a great success with an enjoyable and productive event for all the volunteers.

Contribute to the discussion on the Woodgrange Web Forum HERE. What do you think of events like this? What do you think of the result? Were you there? Tell us what you thought of it all.

Below is a slideshow of twenty photographs taken over the two days. Click on the side-arrows to move backwards and forwards through the images.

Painting Balmoral Bridge, July 2013

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (1/20)

Working on the east side of the bridge

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (2/20)

The west side taking shape

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (3/20)

Checking out the handiwork

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (4/20)

"Do you like the bit I did?"

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (5/20)

"What d'you think of that, then?"

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (6/20)

Touching up

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (7/20)

Enjoying the fun

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (8/20)

Keeping good order

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (9/20)

Reviewing the progress

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (10/20)

Making good the detail

Painting Balmoral Bridge   (11/20)

East side of the bridge complete

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (12/20)

Appreciative discussion

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (13/20)

Winding down

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (14/20)

Almost finished

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (15/20)

Local councillor David Christie thanks all the volunteers

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (16/20)

Getting ready for the group photo

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (17/20)


Painting Balmoral Bridge    (18/20)

David Christie with helpers

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (19/20)

Signing off - east

Painting Balmoral Bridge    (20/20)

Signing off - west

A panoramic shot of the north-west of the bridge

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